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Uncle John's Traveling Musical Puppet Show provides traveling NJ puppet shows to the entire New Jersey area. Birthday Parties, Preschools, Libraries, Corporate Events & more.

In a rush? Call Uncle John anytime at (908) 508-9292 or submit his inquiry form for information & a reply ASAP personally via email or phone.


To save my viewers both time and effort, here is what I do:

          I perform Puppet Shows in New Jersey for children's birthday parties, preschools, libraries, daycares, camps, corporate events, fundraisers and more. I use muppet style hand puppets, including popular, well-known TV & movie characters that the children at the party already recognize on a daily basis, not unknown marionettes.

          To keep the children's attention, the puppet show is organized in a fast paced stand-up comedy format and the puppets make the effort to know ahead of time who's who in the audience so they can interact & joke with them during the puppet show.

          For birthday parties, I have the birthday child perform some easy & classic magic tricks, making them the star during the initial magic show. Through sleight of hand, no effort on their part is required! After, Uncle John the Puppeteer introduces the kids to his realistic animal puppets & performs the puppet show, followed by a kids dance party, complete with popular music & party favorites.

          Having a special theme or holiday party? Does your child have a favorite artist? Just ask & Uncle John will gladly customize a special playlist for your event. He also brings a digital collection of over 3,000 popular songs for special requests - all free of charge. (why hire a DJ?)

          After years of experience, I am able to mimic the exact voices of popular, well-known T.V. & movie characters. This gives an extra layer of authenticity to the puppets when they interact with your audience. Using a custom stage & one-way curtain, the children often forget they aren't actually interacting directly with the puppets!

          Children never tire of a constantly evolving & interactive puppet show that uses over 40 popular television, movie and cartoon puppet characters. The show moves so fast, that it often takes multiple viewings to catch all the humor and jokes that you might have missed the first time!

          For more information regarding Uncle John's puppet show, please call (908) 508-9292 or contact him via the information & call-back form for more information & a reply personally from Uncle John.

          A similar, educational format is followed for schools, camps and libraries but with a health and safety theme. Contact Uncle John the Puppeter today for more information regarding preschool puppet show programs and special puppet shows for day-cares & libraries.

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Before Hiring a NJ Puppeteer, Know Your Entertainer :
  • Uncle John is fully licensed in the State of New Jersey as a business
  • Uncle John carries $2,000,000 in Liability Insurance
  • Uncle John has completed the trusted MorphoTrak Background Screening Check (required for teachers and other pre-school workers)
  • 15+ Year Member of the Puppeteers of America

Recent Thank You Letters Sent to Uncle John

      Uncle John The Puppeteer uses a Professional Custom Built Stage, Multiple Spot Lights, LED Lighting, Multiple Professional-Grade Microphones, a Professional DJ's Fender Passport PD-150 Pro Sound System featuring Bose Speakers, and a digital sound library with 3,000 of the latest popular songs to keep the audience entertained before, during, and even after the puppet show.

Numerous preschools, camps, schools, organizations, preschools, and daycares retain me year after year for entertainment, also some clients and pre-schools have used me 3, 5, 7, and even 10 years in a row.

Tons of parents have used me again and again for their NJ birthday parties.... sometimes even three years in a row for the same child, or four to five for younger sibilings!

Uncle John the Puppeteer performs puppet shows in the following NJ counties : Atlantic, Bergen, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Essex, Gloucester, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Salem, Somerset, Sussex, Union, Warren County


  Uncle John's Traveling NJ Puppet Shows travel area includes New Jersey, and limited parts of New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Call 908.508.9292 to inquire about a puppet show or to see if Uncle John travels to your area.

NOTE: Call (908) 508-9292 now to reserve your event's date!
Dates sometime can be booked months in advance, don't miss your chance!

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