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Uncle John's New Health and Safety Puppet Show
Exclusive Educational Program for
Preschools, Daycares and Kindergarten Classes

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Puppet Shows in New JerseyFor many years Uncle John has been entertaining children at camps, birthday parties and preschools with a very silly puppet show. Now Uncle John wants to expand his horizons and get his message out to 3, 4, and 5 year olds and leave the kids with a positive lasting impression about crucial health, safety & bullying issues.

Preschool Puppet Shows in New JerseyAs a parent of two active boys, Uncle John got his education about health and safety issues on a daily basis from personal parenting experience. If you add childhood peanut allergies, a few wrist and arm fractures from bicycle accidents, and numerous bumps and bruises to Uncle John's parenting experience, he is very qualified to present an informative yet entertaining health and safety show to children, with a musical & comedic element to keep their attention.

Topics Covered Include: Preventing Common Home & School Yard Injuries, avoiding confrontation from bullies, and preventing the spreading of germs & colds through proper hand washing, etc.

Puppet Show New JerseyAll health and safety information demonstrated & taught in the safety puppet show has been researched very carefully, with all information and sources verified by 3rd parties, university research, and independent sources. Also numerous input from educators in preschool and kindergarten classes has been added to the show over the years.

Kids NJ Puppet Shows in New Jersey - PuppeteerAs we all know, young children are extremely impressionable. What they learn in school each day about health and safety may last a lifetime. Enjoying a puppet show along with numerous messages may leave an even longer lasting impression. Uncle John believes that Preschool, Kindergarten and 1st graders are the perfect audience for his health and safety show.

Safety Health Puppet Shows in New Jersey, Preschool Shows, Daycare EntertainmentBy incorporating the following topics into his puppet show, Uncle John has custom tailored his show for a preschool / daycare setting, covering the following subjects:

  • - Uncle John's show covers what's crucial for parents to teach their children at this age.

      Recent School Testimonials


    •         "Thank you so much for the entertaining show...it really ended our Red Ribbon Week on a great note. -Allison Saia, Beechwood School PTA, Mountainside, NJ


    •         "Thank you so much for coming in today!! The kids loved the show...."
              Sindy DeStefano-Early Childhood Development Teacher, John I. Dawes Early Learning Center : Manalapan, NJ


    •         "...The children loved seeing the puppets perform, and dancing to the music... They had a wonderful time participating in the magic tricks and were excited to see their teachers participate in the show as well.
      - Kathy Growe, Director The Rainbow Montessori School : Madison, NJ


    •       "....You're a gifted performer who loves what you do...your presentation was lighthearted, interactive and fully engaged the children..." -Maureen O'Reilly, Principal, The Betty McElmon Elementary School : West Long Branch, NJ


    •         "...the children thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, being entertained while hearing good messages..."
      - Ronald L. Poles, Principal Jefferson Elementary School : Summit, NJ

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      Uncle John's Cool Rules for Our School

      Puppet Shows for Preschools, Camp NJ Birthday Party Puppeteer : Uncle John's Puppets

      1. Keep hands, feet, and objects to ourselves

      2. Always walk

      3. Raise our hand when we want to talk

      4. Use our "inside" voices in the classroom

      5. Sit properly

      6. Don't grab from others, We SHARE

      7. Always cover our mouth when we sneeze

      8. Stay in our seats

      9. Wait for our turns

      10. Put things away after we use them

      11. Care about the feelings of others

      12. Remember to say please and thank you

      13. No Name Calling or Teasing

      14. Let Others join your group to play, don't exclude

      13. Listen to your teachers, they know best

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